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International Buddy Bear

Last New Year's Eve, I had the chance to visit Pavilion to see in person the much talked about International Buddy Bear on display. It was an international project, displaying murals on a figure of a bear, which since 2004, had travelled around the globe. It is currently in Malaysia and it will be at the main entrance of the Pavilion on Bukit Bintang until late January. It is located around the famous lotus fountain, of you are familiar with Pavilion at all.

The bears were arranged n rows right by the main entrance, around the famous fountainThey were colourful, cute and cuddlyThe bears were arranged alphabetically to the country of originI quite like this Spanish bearWhile the Americans were just stereotypicalThere were a total of close to 180 figures, painted by resident of all countries in the United Nations. The Malaysian Bear, painted by our famous artist Imuda, had mural of children of the main races on the bear's belly, as well as drawings of wau bulan and other local scene. The American Bear was basically a replica of the Statue of Liberty. I quite like the Spanish Bear with its delicate painting.

The Malaysian bear was painted by Imuda. It was located right in the middle, by the fountain.I featured the three races, orangutan and wau bulanI thought all of them were cuteOn the day, the place was teaming with people, posing and taking pictures. It is however still worth the visit, an we were lucky that it was nice and sunny the day we were there. Now is definitely the time to visit Pavilion as a whole especially with the huge dragon decorations they had in the main foyer, in time for the Chinese New Year. Better get my camera gear on the ready.

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