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Kelby Walk 2017

The weather didn't look promising at the start of the day. After waking up extra early, I must say that I was disappointed when I pulled the curtains. There were heavy clouds, even threatening to rain at certain parts of the horizon.

Selfie with the walk leader, RipiHalimi brought his own transport ...Catching up with the news ...And so we embarked ...Making my way to the hospital for an extra early rounds, I was happy to see that the cloud had begun to dissipate. I was even more optimistic as I made my way into town for my yearly meeting with my friends. It was that time of the year again. The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. And this year, we would be following the Heritage Trail starting at Central Market.

Time for a pose ...A mural near Pasar KaratA peaceful Chinese teahouse. Business started early ...Looking up as we approached Pasar KaratThe gear I took with me this year was the the X-Pro2 with a wide angle zoom as well as the Ricoh GR as backup. I also brought the 35mm f1.4 lens just in case it started to rain and I needed a faster lens.

After meeting up at one of the mamak shop along Kasturi Walk, we confer gated at the Central Market main entrance for the obligatory group photos. This was followed by a short briefing by Ripi who was again the walk leader.

Welcome to ChinatownFollowing my own shadows ...Stop for a second breakfastAnd the weather turning gloomy ....We were soon making our way to Pasar Karat and Chinatown. All in glorious sunshine ....

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