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Late as Usual

Saturday afternoons were always a bad time for me. My clinic tended to finish late and there were always patients which needed seeing after lunch, before I leave the hospital for the day. By the time I was done, it was usually after 3 pm. I tended to either have lunch at the hospital or take Anita out for a late lunch.

Saturday afternoon were also popular times for weddings. It usually ran until 4 pm, and it was almost customary that we showed up the last half an hour. With that, sometimes we had no food left. That created a dilemma for me. I usually had to content with what I had for breakfast until we leave the kenduri if that was the case.

The happy coupleAs a rule, I seldom confirm that I would be coming when the wedding was on Saturday afternoon. It was just not worth the hassle. I would only go if the hosts were aware that I would be arriving late.

Last Saturday was one of those occasion. It was a wedding of one of my Mum's friend's daughter and Anita was keen to go. I had no choice. I finally made it home at around 2.30 and rushed over to the wedding venue across town. It was the new Menara Felda this time. Luckily the traffic was light and the parking system was straight forward. I was already staring at the food by 3.30pm. Made it just in time.

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