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Hemmant Trail

*I took this trek back in September 2016 during our holiday at Fraser's Hill*

I went on this trail alone as Anita decided to stay in bed. In was on our final morning in Frasers Hill, and set out before breakfast.

The entrance to the trail was very near Bishop's although it went to the opposite direction. It skirted around the golf course, taking you towards the town center by the mosque as you exit.

I parked my car at one of the shop lots, had some roti canai and teh tarik before making my way around the hill past the entrance to the Bishop's Trail. I then entered the Hemmant trek which were flat for the first half. A really nice relaxing walk before a steep descent towards a valley before going up again towards the exit.

Less challenging compared to Bishop's and much safer as well. Thisnmaybbe good for the beginners, and those with big children. There were hand rails a plenty to help you.

I then exited near the town center, hung around for more photos before climbing up the hill to where my car was parked. All covered within 45 minutes...

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