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Second Ramadan

It was a Sunday. The plan was to have berbuka at my Sister’s in Kajang. And that was after spending the best part of the afternoon at Viva Home Centre getting stuffs for the new converted bedroom.

At Viva, we spent much of the time at the newly opened SSF Home Furnishings. Certainly there were plenty of neat items to look at. All at reasonable prices. But unfortunately we had problem with the service. At how slow they were.

Anita exploring the crime sceneCarpets ....Cute wagonA pair of these ...And those as well ...Although I was glad to have purchased the items, the way they went about things really slowed us down. We ended up having to rush to Kajang after we were done.

I was still unable to get myself a replacement workbench after the last one was sold away as they were too big. That would mean another hunt next weekend.

Playing snap while waiting for berbukaLuckily with the light traffic in KL, we were able to reach Kajang early, and Anita went to passer ramadan straight after. I was too lazy and tired to follow and decided to hang around the house, catching up on a few episodes on Netflix.

The children appeared to enjoy themselves, but since Irfan had school tomorrow, we had to return early.

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