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Anniversary Lunch

I arranged for the dinner and Anita sorted out the lunch. That seemed fair. But I must say that the choice Anita made was better.

We enjoyed our 20th Anniversary this year and last Sunday we had lunch at Maison Franchaise, a French restaurant located at a bungalow nestled in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. The place was nice and the food was something else.

The front Really neat inside ...Started with some drinks

We got there early since we wanted to just chill out. The lunch option was mainly from a set. You could request a couple of changes from what was offered but that was just about it. Dinner was a la carte.

The restaurant a converted bungalow, with a hint of European architecture, now fully converted into a restaurant. There was a terrace on the ground floor where there was a pool, a perfect place for an evening candle-lit dinner.

What's on offer ...Waiting for the starters ...

The restaurant was empty for lunch and we got all the attentions to ourselves. Nice French music in the background and all the food were freshly prepared. Absolutely fantastic although I felt that the cod for the mains was rather out of place in the scheme of things.

The menu item for starters were oysters. We were not into it and got some lovely smoked salmon as replacement. Then came the entree, artichoke soup with season ducks. OMG!

The smoked salmon ...The gorgeous antichoke soup ....Sauteed shrimps. Asparagus. Scrambled eggs.Salted poached codSlow cooked lamb loin ....We had the cod and lamb for the mains. The lamb was alright, the cod was not great. The lunch was topped up some ice-cream, cherry and crumbles.

All in all a nice afternoon ..... Definitely worth a visit.

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