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Balik Kampung

It was a good opportunity. The boys just started school. It turned out that Monday would be off for them as well as announced after the great showing at the SEA Games. So, we left KL on the Merdeka Day for a three nights relaxing stay back North.

We didn't stay at the island this time as my Mum came along as well. The journey up however turned out to be a long one.

The long queue after IpohWe set off at 9 am after beakfast. Reached the toll at Jalan Duta without much hustle, but the moment we hit Sungai Buloh, the crawl started. It was slow moving all the way to Ipoh. But the big delay was just after. I was stuck before entering Terowong Menora for a good couple of hours. Apparently there was an accident before Sungai Perak stop and the lanes were blocked.

By the time we passed through, everything was already back to normal although there were plenty of JPJ vehicles still at the vicinity. It was smooth sailing after that, however I supposed the damage had already been done. It was almost sundown when we finally reached Sungai Petani and since my Mum was fasting, she ate in the car.

Enjoying a drink after checking into the hotelWe had a quick dinner at my Aunts while dropping my Mum. Next was the hotel about 10 minutes away. I was glad that the hotel was still as nice - if not better - than what it used to be. I slept like a baby and missed breakfast the next morning ....

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