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A New Addition

Our track record when it came to pets had never been a good one. I was not sure what got to Anita when she bought a couple of goldfish in a tank and parked it in our room. Maybe it would be trial run for a wall aquarium which I had been talking about for the last few months.

Idlan and Irfan had been taking turns feeding them. We had yet to need to change the water so far. I wonder who would be doing that. While we were away, our maid was given strict instructions about the feeding, as if she didn't know. She would probably taken better care of the fishes than us .....

Let's see hong the fishes would last this time around ...

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The Georgia Aquarium

Right next to The World of Coca-Cola was the Georgia Aquarium. It may not be be famous in Malaysia, but this is the World's largest aquarium and it was huge. But unfortunately, I was on a tight schedule that afternoon and was only able to sample through the displays but none of the shows. I manages to explore the place within an hour and a half. There was plenty to see, but unfortunately not enough time.

The main tank actually housed four sharks amongst other first. There were also a separate tank for the beluga whales, another area for penguins as well as a another display for tropical fish. That seemed to be where most of the crowds were. Mind you, there can't be that many tropical fish laying around here.

The entranceThe central lobbyThis is a piranha!Sea dragonThe place was huge and the areas were pretty well laid out with a central lobby where people could meet as well as where the main cafeteria was situated. This was also where the information desks were and meeting points form groups. As you could imagine, it was rather crowded in the middle there.

I spent most of the time as the fresh water exhibits. They had a tank of piranha there as well as the usual otters and other fishes and frogs.

Since both the World of Coca-Cola and then aquarium were located in the middle of downtown, there were easily accessible. The City Council also had this Day Pass where one could save on the entrance fees by purchasing a combined ticket. This included tour of the CNN Towers and the Atlanta Zoo. Unfortunately I only managed to visit the two attractions. It was more of working trip, and the cold weather and short days just made exploring the city at that time of the year that bit more challenging.

Still, if you ever ended up in Atlanta, it would definitely be worth a visit. More on my Atlanta trip here.

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