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Evening Air

We went out after dinner tonight as we had some items we needed for the weekend. Some toys for birthday boy on Sunday as well as Anita eyeing some new clothes.

It had been raining all afternoon and the air tonight was really cool. After we returned, I decided to sit out at the balcony enjoying the breeze.

The same perspective as above but in colourIn almost darknessKLCC and KL Tower in between the building ...While there, I tried to see how capable the P9 was at taking photos of cityscapes at night. Even in colour it was pretty capable. I must say I am pretty excited with the project of the P10, especially the Plus. It would carry a Summarit-H 1:1.8/27. It’s going to be amazing ...

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The Little Garden

Since the renovation was done, Anita had been keen on getting some greeneries at the balcony. It may be a touch overboard but I felt that it was a nice change. It created some space for me to chill at, and who wouldn’t want that, especially when you were tired after work.

I finally had the chance to take come picture of the flowers since it was Sunday and I had an extra hour at home before heading out to work. We were blessed with gorgeous weather that morning as well.

There was a still one end of the balcony that she cold expand to if she wishes so, but as it stood at the moment, she would start with a small area first. Maybe in the next few month, we may venture to other side. The morning breeze certainly made a lot of difference and I could just spend all morning there ... with a mug of coffee in hand.

I also noticed that Anita loved to keep pitches as decorations. She picked plenty of them up when we were in the UK, and now that she had some pace to put them, they all came out from the boxes. I wonder what would be next ...

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Rocking the View

Anita has now gone all out for the balcony after the renovations were done. She bought some furnitures the other day, and expanded her “garden”. Now, I had a new spot to sit at after coming home from work.

Traffic jam downstairsA bit hazy this afternoon ...Nice view of the busy traffic passing by while waiting for the sun to set. It rained a bit earlier and the breeze was fresh. A nice way to unwind after my call last night ....

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