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Windy Start

It had been cold in the house all night despite the air conditioning being on the low setting. It turned out that the weather was gloomy outside. When I walked out onto my balcony I thought that a huge storm was coming.

The problem with early morning deluge in town was the traffic. You could tell that the traffic was going to be bad from looking out your window. True enough, traffic was crawling .... Good Morning KL!

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The Pantry

One of the advantage of staying around Bangsar is the number of cafe around where we live. Some were better known than others, some were right hidden gems. But lately the turnover rate of those cafes were pretty high, reflecting the uncertain economy.

The entrance with the rustic doorPleasant and uncluttered The special for today - linguine marinaraWe found a new place to sit a couple of Sundays ago about 5 minutes drive from the apartment. Nestled at a residential area in Lorong Kurau, The Pantry looked plain on the outside but really cosy once you stepped in. The rustic door helped the ambiance somewhat and inside the soft music in the background just set the mood for you to relax.

Tea for AnitaAnd coffee for me ....Anita went for the linguine marinaraI had the salted beef with plenty of cheese and fries The items on the menu were staples in these cafe but the highlight must be the pasta. It was fresh and delicious, served in portions just nice for a late afternoon snack or a spot of early dinner. The coffee was not bad either.

On the couple of occasions we had been there, the place had been relatively quiet but the quality of the food appeared consistent. It was not a bad place to spend an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon having a conversation or just catching up with things.

Sampling the ambiance ....

Ornaments and bitsI might be going there more often should I have some free time. I kinda like the place ....

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Not a Bad Selection

During one of my late morning stop in Bangsar, I was undecided about staying a bit longer for lunch or leave and take an early dinner later. Then I walked across this new joint on the Ground Floor.

It was called Village Pantry, owned by Village Grocer next door. It basically sold bites and sandwiches but the variety was fantastic.

There were fresh sandwiches, sushi and pasta, something which you could either pick up on the go or had there at the shop where tables were provided. Convenient and time saving.

I picked up a plate of rice and saba fish to take back to the apartment and had a pleasant lunch there while doing some reading. Definitely would be stopping there again ...

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A Bit of PULP

Free Sunday morning afforded me a chance to indulge on something rather rare. A breakfast without interruption at a cafe. And that was I just did this morning and the venue was not that far from where I leave. It was only a five minute drive on the other side of the hill.

It was not just a cafe, but a series of them. I decided to park myself at the first spot - called PULP by Papa Palheta. There were a few other cafe shops around the same compound. Not to mention a barber shop. One of the outlet is called Breakfast Thieves and the place was packed at 9.30 am on a Sunday!

I doubt that they were still using this old machineSome reading materialThere was also a barber shop plus a Malay-themed eatery called Agak-Agak. That was not as popular though. From what I have read, the compound used to be a printing press - called APW or Art Printing Works - as it sat right next to the NST headquarters. Interesting ...

As usual, Anita was a tea drinkerOrder at the counter ...Food were readyPULP was surprisingly small. There had seating for only around 30 patron and it got full rather quickly. The menu items were also pretty limited, and I was sure the place was more known for its coffee rather than breakfast. None the less we ordered breakfast for two - a hot pot of beans, sausages, cheese and toast. I had mocha and Anita ordered tea. And that set us back almost RM70! Certainly it wasn’t cheap. Plus the charge of RM7 for parking as the roadside were already full.

The barber shop next doorThe industrial looking surrounding. Agak-agak served Malay breakfast ...Breakfast Thieves. We shall try this in the future ...Ambiance-wise it was great. The outlets opened early - from 9 am and closed on Mondays. We should’ve had our breakfast at Breakfast Thieves instead but it was always nice to try something new. Would definitely be going there again in the future. In fact Anita had been planning her next reunion spot there very soon ....

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Hidden Arts

There were many surprises when I was walking around the Telawi area in Bangsar. The street arts were really coming together nicely.

Hopefully the local council would take kindly to these endeavours as instead of them being pests, they actually added colour to the side streets. Maybe some of the walls should be identified as safe for street arts.

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