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Return to Riuh

It looks like the APW at Jalan Riong had taken off as a site to chill at during weekends. And one weekend a month, a party was added to the place where pop up stories were opened as well as shows and exhibits to complement the already swanky cafés they had there.

This monthly event was called Riuh and aptly describe the party atmosphere it generates. Since it was near my place, plus it was a post-call afternoon, I decided to hang there for an hour having coffee and checking out what was going on.

The battle planUnfortunately, I was late and most of the food were gone by then ...Decided to give this one a miss this tripA few stalls caught my eyes as well as some nice food. I decided for a simple coffee this time around and just let the minute pass by. Plenty of folks were there, young families as well as the hipsters. Everybody seemed to be mingling there happily.

Back indoors where the stalls were locatedSome really great work here on displayArea for children to have funEven Doof were aroundI wasn't really in the mood to shopWhile I was there, a group of young capoeira practitioners came to do an exhibition. Quite exhilarating actually. With the weather being nice, I actually quite enjoyed the spectacle. Shame that the parking arrangement remained a pain. I decided to park half a kilometer away to avoid the congestion. Something the organizer needed to look into.

Wanna try durian in public?Saving the dates for the next instalment Back to stall area where I sat to have some coffeeSpace for kids to run aroundTaking a breather with some ice mochaI would definitely be stopping by in the future events there. Even maybe woukd.make a point to just stop there on Sunday afternoons. The coffee was certainly nice enough.

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Riuh Rendah

APW was only a kilometer away from where we stay. To be honest we could just walk there. Once a month they had this big flea market there called Riuh as well as the usual café offering. We missed the last two for one reason or the other.

We managed to get there this time around to explore what the fuss was about. And the theme for this one was Deepavali, while there were Halloween program for the children.

We started off looking for a drink.... and we found this ribena lychee lemonadeAnita got her drinks from this cool airstream ...Parking was a problem there. We decided to park at Lorong Kurau and took a 10 minute walk to the venue. It was a bright sinning Subang the event was in full swing when we got there just after 5 pm. First order of business was to get drinks and the lychee lemonade just did the trick. Anita had some pasembor from the store and we had that with some ice latte from a hip looking airstream. Nice!

Once we were filled up, we went to explore the pop-up stores and flea market. There was also some workshop with children activities at one of the landings. They had a Halloween costume competition there as well as some kid's fun activities, face painting etc.

A spot to eat and drink ...More lemonade ...Nachos? But the guy never convinced me of being Mexican at all ...Heading upstairs for the children worksop ...The pop-up stores sole crafts and clothes. The one which caught my eyes were a watch shop and a stall selling bathroom products a la "Lush". I bought a few to try. Anita had a look at some of the clothes and shoes Burnett didn't buy anything in the end. There were about to start with live music when we left. We wished that there were more variety of food there. As it was, we decoded t head over to Bangsar Village for dinner.

Off to the pop-up stores ....Purses ...Surprisingly, Anita didn't buy one of those ...Nice. But doesn't look comfortable though ....Topped things off with an Indian dance ...Riuh was an event worth having a look at especially when the weather was nice and you got a couple of hours to spare. I wouldn't mind just sitting down to have a drink. I wished that there were more spaces to sit around and more variety of food to try.

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Windy Start

It had been cold in the house all night despite the air conditioning being on the low setting. It turned out that the weather was gloomy outside. When I walked out onto my balcony I thought that a huge storm was coming.

The problem with early morning deluge in town was the traffic. You could tell that the traffic was going to be bad from looking out your window. True enough, traffic was crawling .... Good Morning KL!

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The Pantry

One of the advantage of staying around Bangsar is the number of cafe around where we live. Some were better known than others, some were right hidden gems. But lately the turnover rate of those cafes were pretty high, reflecting the uncertain economy.

The entrance with the rustic doorPleasant and uncluttered The special for today - linguine marinaraWe found a new place to sit a couple of Sundays ago about 5 minutes drive from the apartment. Nestled at a residential area in Lorong Kurau, The Pantry looked plain on the outside but really cosy once you stepped in. The rustic door helped the ambiance somewhat and inside the soft music in the background just set the mood for you to relax.

Tea for AnitaAnd coffee for me ....Anita went for the linguine marinaraI had the salted beef with plenty of cheese and fries The items on the menu were staples in these cafe but the highlight must be the pasta. It was fresh and delicious, served in portions just nice for a late afternoon snack or a spot of early dinner. The coffee was not bad either.

On the couple of occasions we had been there, the place had been relatively quiet but the quality of the food appeared consistent. It was not a bad place to spend an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon having a conversation or just catching up with things.

Sampling the ambiance ....

Ornaments and bitsI might be going there more often should I have some free time. I kinda like the place ....

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Not a Bad Selection

During one of my late morning stop in Bangsar, I was undecided about staying a bit longer for lunch or leave and take an early dinner later. Then I walked across this new joint on the Ground Floor.

It was called Village Pantry, owned by Village Grocer next door. It basically sold bites and sandwiches but the variety was fantastic.

There were fresh sandwiches, sushi and pasta, something which you could either pick up on the go or had there at the shop where tables were provided. Convenient and time saving.

I picked up a plate of rice and saba fish to take back to the apartment and had a pleasant lunch there while doing some reading. Definitely would be stopping there again ...

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