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The Pantry

One of the advantage of staying around Bangsar is the number of cafe around where we live. Some were better known than others, some were right hidden gems. But lately the turnover rate of those cafes were pretty high, reflecting the uncertain economy.

The entrance with the rustic doorPleasant and uncluttered The special for today - linguine marinaraWe found a new place to sit a couple of Sundays ago about 5 minutes drive from the apartment. Nestled at a residential area in Lorong Kurau, The Pantry looked plain on the outside but really cosy once you stepped in. The rustic door helped the ambiance somewhat and inside the soft music in the background just set the mood for you to relax.

Tea for AnitaAnd coffee for me ....Anita went for the linguine marinaraI had the salted beef with plenty of cheese and fries The items on the menu were staples in these cafe but the highlight must be the pasta. It was fresh and delicious, served in portions just nice for a late afternoon snack or a spot of early dinner. The coffee was not bad either.

On the couple of occasions we had been there, the place had been relatively quiet but the quality of the food appeared consistent. It was not a bad place to spend an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon having a conversation or just catching up with things.

Sampling the ambiance ....

Ornaments and bitsI might be going there more often should I have some free time. I kinda like the place ....

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New Joint

The renovation had been going on for the past 6 months on this spot on the ground floor of Bangsar Village which had been left vacant for more than a couple of years. There used to be a Ben outlet there which had been closed since.

The space was finally opened last weekend, and Village Grocer had taken up that lot, opening a new gourmet delicatessen. Not yet to the level of Jason's at Bangsar Shopping Centre but there were a few interesting items there. Many healthy options, fresh juice kiosk, salad bar and the likes. Really nice snacks. There were also some roast - ideal should my Dad came to visit. You can take the stuff hole or enjoy it at the deli with a few tables opened.

Not yet time to really look around the place as I was under the weather lately. Definitely would be giving it another look ...

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Toasty Breakfast

Finally I had a morning date Anita now that our maid is back. We felt like having something French hence the quick drive to Bangsar for the much-delayed return trip to Yeast.

And it was a heavenly one.

We had the usual but with the weather outside being so sunny, we could've just hang around it was time for lunch, just having a chat and having more coffee and bread.

But alas, we had to get on with the day. After our Egg Florentine was gobbled, it was time to bit au revoir. I had to drive across town to pick up my Mum after this. She's heading to Sungai Petani on a train with my Aunt. I will be sending her off at KL Sentral.

So, off to Bukit Antarabangsa and lunch!

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Agonising Wait

After we were done with the Friday prayers, the area around Bangsar was a nightmare. Anita parked at Bangsar Village II and it took us almost half an hour to get the car out of the car park.

Good thing that I rarely do the prayers there. I was sure the fact that Selangor had a public holiday contributed to the jam. I can't imagine how it would be like in the center of KL ....

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Walking in Bangsar

After the maid issue was sorted, I decided to meet up with Anita for a spot of late breakfast cum early lunch in Bangsar. The destination? Yeast again. We just could not resist the breakfast there. It was just superb.

While waiting for Anita to come over, I ran a few errands at the bank while basking in the glorious sunshine. It was rare lately to see the sky so blue, while it was still breezy and cool. I just could not resist it!

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