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The Talk of the Town

After I casted my vote, I had the whole day in front of me. I wasn’t in the mood to stay home and Anita and I decided to have lunch outside.

We went to Pavilion which was quite. Parking was straight forward, and we had a nice Arabic meal together. Anita did some shopping while I took a stroll towards Low Yat to see what was going on.

There were two groups of local people there. Some with inks on their left index finger - which were about half - while some did not. Many of the workers at the stores told me that they were taking turns to vote and hopefully those going later had time to do the voting.

Bukit Bintang area were filled with flags as you would expect but compared to years before, they were a lot less. Many of the candidates target the voters directly on social media rather, with most of the voters going to them, rather than they coming to us. Having a big social media presence was imperative in this day and age.

The sun was great but we had to leave early to listen to the news and prepare for the night ... the results were coming in!

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GoPro Blue Hour

After a day of meeting, I was ready to have some chill out time. Anita asked if I can drive her out. Sure. And that gave me the chance to bring my GoPro out since it had been such a clear sunny day that day.

I reached Bukit Bintang at around sunset after negotiating some heavy traffic. Many people were doing their preparations for Chinese New Year and the road had been busy. I immediately noticed that the blue light after sunset that day would be gorgeous.

There were definitely plenty to snap at Bukit Bintang with people mingling about. GoPro jpg rendition definitely favours blue sky. The blue just popped, contrasting the neon lights on the ground.

My walk took me to the famous Bukit Bintang intersection by the monorail station. There were live street musician playing which I recorded of course. I also had the chance to do a bit of time lapse - which in the end turned out to be too short.

I then doubled back to Pavilion to join Anita for dinner, again taking some photos of the famous fountain. All in all, the GoPro coped well with the high ISO needed to capture evening scenes after sunset. Captures up to ISO 1600 seems to still be useable. I didn't dare to leave the setting above that.

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GoPro-ing Bukit Bintang

Still recovering from my tiring weekend, I decided to enjoy my day off in the sun. There were plenty to enjoy and over breakfast, I plotted my route.

I parked my car at Low Yat, walked towards Lot 10 exploring the famous junction before settling at Pavilion. More snaps of the decorations and the area surrounding it before making my way towards Berjaya Times Square.

By the Monorel StationNo secret here ...That famous ceiling at Fahrenheit 88On the floorIt was snapping galore in the sun. The blues sky was tinged with fluffy white clouds, perfect for architecture exploration. Drawing my experience from the walk I did in Singapore, I was able to avoid the flares and shots needing wide dynamic range. I could tell that the snaps were improving.

In-betweenUnder the shade ...That famous fountainDuring this walk, I also learned on how to use the video feature. I settled for 4K, 24 fps cinematic captures. A balance of quality and speed. The format was also easily handled by Final Cut Pro.

Using the electronic stabilisation was also a joy. It was almost as good as using a gimble although you lose up to 10% of the margin at the edge of your video.

Let's get acrossThe stalls about to open ...Street artistCycling binAt Berjaya Times Square, I mainly tested the low light performance of the camera. The conclusion was it handled low light admirably excelling more in videos than photos. That was my last port of call before heading home to do some post-processing.

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Pavilion Decorations

It looks like it was raining rose petals. It wasn't just me, but many others felt the same. Chinese New Year was around the corner and as usual, Pavilion KL had always put in their shift in making sure that their decorations stayed classy. I must say that they did it again.

Since it would be the year of the dogs, there were not many statues around. There was one outside Starhill Gallery which I saw. But to make sure the Moslems don't get upset, they put up statues of the deities instead. Understandable.

The Centre stage had the usual elevations for shows and what not. The decorations started in earnest from the fountain by the Bukit Bintang entrance. There flowers aplenty leading into the mall, with plenty of Instagram opportunities.

I didn't see any events when I was there since it was actually a weekday. Might as well as it wasn't too crowded when I visited.

With the expanse, I had the chance to test out the wide angle lens on the GoPro. The photos turned out really well. The videos were nice as well. The next couple of weekends would be peak shopping before the New Year. Expect the place to be packed from now on.

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This was BB Plaza

I was staggered to see the old BB Plaza now in rubbles. No sign of any work on the new building yet but I was sure that would be coming. The last time I entered that mall was almost 3 years back.

During last Saturday's outing, I was led from Pavilion to Low Yat Plaza. On the way back I went towards Jalan Bukit Bintang instead of walking through Sungei Wang Plaza. I could see empty walls behind the zinc plates they used to block the construction area. It was surreal.

The zinc partition into the work areaI thought that the new building would be built at the same time as the MRT as to minimise disruption. But then again, this is Malaysia. I would expect more traffic jam in the near future while the new construction took shape. These things should have been planned properly, but no point having a headache about that.

So, no BB Plaza. No Ampang Park. Time to move forward.

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