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Night Safari

It was a much-touted destination. The Night Safari at Singapore Zoo had garnered worldwide attention for their work in preservation as well as good experience all around.

In the last trip to Singapore, this proves to be the main event for the four of us.

Anita booked up a package which worked out great. This being a Saturday evening during the peak season meant that the place would be full. The package she booked included transfer from the hotel to the Zoo, entrance ticket as well as a priority tram ride - the best way to enjoy the park.

From the hotelOur guide, RobinAll badged upWithout the priority access, waiting time for the tram would be around 90 minutes. We got on ours in less than 5. Great value. The tram ride on the whole took about half an hour snaking along the various attractions in the zoo, almost a touching distance at some of the animals.

The place was hot however despite the ride starting after 8 pm. The lights were pretty dim and since flash was not allowed, snapping photos was almost impossible during the tram ride. Despite using my X-Pro with an f1.4 lens, the captures were still blurry with shakes. I should've brought my Alpha 7R with the 85 mm f1.4 instead. Well, originally we did plan to fly. I wanted to keep my gear to a minimal.

The queue for the tram was crazy!Unfortunately I wasn't able to snap muchThis one was relatively clearAfter the tram ride, we had the choice of either taking a shirt all down a designated path or went straight for dinner. We decided to do both.

The path only took us 15 minutes before Irfan complained of being hungry. Dinner then came at the food stalls there. Plenty of selection. You can also get a package with buffet dinner but we decided to give that a miss since we weren't sure if it was halal.

We did the trail after the tram, before settling for some dinnerThe return bus right was at 10 pm, and half an hour later we were back in the comfort of our room. Time for shower and some hot chocolate. I decided to have some sandwiches before bed.

All together the ride was expensive and novel. Not sure if it was worth doing it again but should I had the chance, I'd probably went straight along one of the 4 paths available. There were also animal shows if you decided against walking or taking the tram every hour at the main entrance.

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Airport Adventure

As you would probably knew, we were in Singapore last weekend. The original plan was to fly there. Everything went smoothly until it was time to board the plane. Idlan had a panic attack and started screaming.

We ended up abandoning the plan to fly. But since we had booked our suite and the tickets for the Night Safari, I decided to drive all the way down there.

But first, I had to clear the immigration again to re-enter the airport and then went to claim our checked-in luggage which had to be removed from the belly of the aircraft.

That took almost a couple of hours. We then drove back yo Gombak to exchange the car. My C200 needed servicing and I wouldn't wasn't t take the risk of driving all the way to Singapore in it. That detour to change into our MPV wasted another hour and a half. We finally set off from KL close to 10 pm.

I had to make a couple of nap stops - once in Ayer Keroh and another in Machap. We finally reached out hotel room at 5 am, having a quick supper - or should I say early breakfast - before I took a longer nap. It was before noon when I finally woke up, in time to take Idlan out for lunch.

Then another nap after lunch.

Our transport for the Zoo was due at 6.15. I managed a couple of hours of walking around Orchard Road before we departed - and learn the awesome power of the GoPro.

Then came the trip to the zoo before having a nice KL g breakfast the next morning before we set off again back home to Kuala Lumpur. More tiring than I bargained for but at least we did our traveling.

We still need to sort out Idlan's fear of flying. We thought that he would be OK. We were more worried about Anita. In July, Idlan has a school trip to Chiangmai arranged. Not sure if he would be able to deal with that trip ...

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Lunch with Mak

My Mum has been staying at Bukit Antarabangsa for the last week, away from my sister in Kajang. She wanted to see her friends as well as visit her usual surau. She may be back to my sister's next week.

So, come Sunday lunch, we went out for lunch with Anita coming along. Looks like she was OK staying alone at Bukit Antarabangsa from time to time.

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One after The Other

2018 began with some bad news for me. First of all, on the evening if the New Year, I received a call from one of my cousin Uncles about his mother being ill. I dropped by at his place later that evening to visit. Things wasn't looking good but my Grand Auntie still managed to muster a smile and asked Anita a couple of questions.

Apparently she didn't talk much after our visit. She passed away the next afternoon.

The morning after, while I was planning to attend her funeral after my morning round, my Mum called. This time one of Ba's good friend - one of Julia's witness during her akad nikah - had just passed away.

Plans was changed and I joined my Mum and Julia in Keramat to pay the family a visit.

So, two death in as many days. I wouldn't say that 2018 started with great news. But things happened. They were both suffering from cancer and their passing would've spared them from some suffering.


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Back to Intensive Care

It had been an up and down week. After being admitted, my father-in-law had not been completely stable. And it was all down to persistent infection.

He ended up in Intensive Care with an irregular heart beat but this morning had been showing positive signs of recovery. Hopefully he would be going up to the normal ward later today.

Being on call, I had been at hospital all day with Anita coming in and out. Hopefully in another couple of days, he would be allowed home back to stay with us until he is fully recovered.

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