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The Final Journey

While my Grandmother's jenazah was being prepared for burial, I took the opportunity to mingle around and catch the atmosphere through my camera.

Since I didn't want to appear too distracting, I used my iPhone instead and processed the captures into black and white for dramatic effect. The camera nearly ran out of juice as all together I took close to 150 snaps.

Now that I had the chance to look through the snaps, I decided to put in some narrative hole the memory was still fresh. I have therefore dedicated a whole page for the slideshow. I would put up choices of either to go through the pictures sequentially with some narration, or breeze through them randomly through a flash slideshow.

Most of the stuffs are up and running now. Just press here to get to the page, I called "Dadi's Final Journey". Enjoy.

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I am with Siri

Finally, it was time for an upgrade. The home button on my iPhone 4 had been playing up for the last couple of months, but I never got around to find the time to upgrade the phone.

I was pleasantly surprised that all the shops were opened on Xmas day in Kuala Lumpur. And Bukit Bintang was teaming was people. Anita wanted to do some shopping there - there were plenty of bargain to be had there - as well as pick up some DVD from our "dealer". Mission accomplished.

While she was shopping, I roamed around and there were a few vendors selling the iPhone. After surveying around, I finally entered the Maxis store, and the rest was history ....

I will be putting up more review of the phone tomorrow after playing around with it. And the camera was just amazing ....

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