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Evening Air

We went out after dinner tonight as we had some items we needed for the weekend. Some toys for birthday boy on Sunday as well as Anita eyeing some new clothes.

It had been raining all afternoon and the air tonight was really cool. After we returned, I decided to sit out at the balcony enjoying the breeze.

The same perspective as above but in colourIn almost darknessKLCC and KL Tower in between the building ...While there, I tried to see how capable the P9 was at taking photos of cityscapes at night. Even in colour it was pretty capable. I must say I am pretty excited with the project of the P10, especially the Plus. It would carry a Summarit-H 1:1.8/27. It’s going to be amazing ...

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Midnight Snack

Not the healthiest thing to do but when you are on call, sometimes you don't get to choose when and where you eat. So, while waiting for more admissions - they have this habit of turning up after midnight - I decided to go over to the mamak next door for a bit of a drink.

Then I saw the satay stall and I just could not resist it.

So, 10 sticks later I was back to finish my work. Unhealthy but it was well worth it!

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IKEA and the pots!

New pot. Checked. Induction hob-friendly crockeries. Checked. Lint rollers. Checked. Got what we wanted from IKEA last night and they weren't exactly your normal stuff you could get then elsewhere, but at IKEA, you could get them all under one roof. Which was a boon.

We were worried about the crowd initially, this being the school holidays and all, but it turned out to be a pleasant walk. We spent at least a couple of hours there, just me and Anita, and we rarely stayed long to shop usually. The crowd was thin and even the queue at the check-out was short.

Shall we have meatballs at the cafe for dinner? Nah! Not romantic enough. We decided to go elsewhere. Candle-lit of course.

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Night at an Indian

In the UK, most of the halal restaurants were run by Indians and Pakistani. There were Indian restaurants everywhere that it was often joked that the national food of the UK was curry. Every once in a while, we loved to have du ne'er at Indian restaurant. In fact, my boys, Irfan especially loved Indian food - especially if they came with papadom. One of our favourite was Spice of India in KLCC. However, we noticed lately that the service and the quality of food has deteriorated. We also had an incense last year where thSave & Closee waiters actually served some foreigners before us, and since then he have yet to return.

We were rather apprehensive when we entered the Spice of India branch at Pavilion the others evening. But it turned out better than expected. The service was very good considering that the place was full. Food came fast, the waiters we're efficient, and I must say that the food was better than the branch in KLCC even though the menu was similar. It was a great night out in the end. Irfan had his papadom of course while Idlan reluctantly finished his poori. The cheese in spinach that I had was exquisite and the meat and chicken dishes were tender as expected.

It looked like we probably return here again in the future, but I couldn't really go there'd too often as the meal there were not really cheap. the restaurant also appeared crowded and if the service was slow, I was sure that my boys would be restless. The small dining area also cause some of the fumes to fill the room a times, and luckily we had our inhalers in the ready just in case. The pace between the tables were also rather small. So the restaurant area could have been bigger.

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