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Despite certain Ministers claim that KLites lacked Merdeka spirit, I think it was more to do with certain unpopular individual rather than lack patriotism. With the SEA Games coming, Malaysian would be coming out in droves to support our home team I was sure. And with that, the Merdeka spirit would be soaring high.

Unfortunately, the statement by the said Minister seemed succeeded in only making himself unpopular. Life for the KLites would still go on. These KL folks are more likely to love their country than the Minister would think. Most of them studied abroad and had a sense of belonging to return home making a living here.

Maybe the Merdeka spirit for the minister was different from mine. So, good luck to him then ....

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Don't Judge Me



Yes! That was Pikotaro in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. With Anita and the kids in Port Dickson and me being post-call, I did not plan anything for the day. Hunting for food, I decided to go out. A quick search on the net and I learned that there would be an event all weekend at Pavilion and as part of the event - called Japan Expo Malaysia - Pikataro of the PPAP fame would be making an appearance.

True to the precision of Japanese timing, Pikatoro appeared on stage just after the advertised 5 pm start. The place was already packed when I arrived and I decided to perch myself at one of the upper floors. Hence the vido was taken from the sixth floor right parallel to the stage. Not great but it did the trick I supposed ....

So, here we go .... I have a pen ...

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It Has Been a While

It had been a while since I had the chance to have a nice walk in town, just with my camera. Ramadhan, then Raya made for busy weekends. Last Sunday morning, I had a couple of free hours and I did just that.

I kinda got a good feel taking wide-angle street photos lately. I had the choice of either the Alpha 7 with the Batis or as I did this time around, the X-Pro2 with the 10-24 mm wide angle zoom. I got off the rounds early, got to the bank and sorted out my credit card payments plus a quick stop at Low Yat checking out the new gadgets.

What did I check out this time? The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro. Definitely nippy but my old iPad was still working fine.

I spent some time around Pavilion looking for a new pair of shoes, but nothing caught my fancy. Going out this early on a Sunday meant that there were hardly any traffic to content with. Everything was smooth and I get to see and do what I planned smoothly. I was back at the apartment well before lunchtime ...

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Found the Dealer

So, the Patchi outlet at Pavilion had moved. Originally on the sixth floor, right by the entrance to Tokyo Street, it had moved to the first second floor on the walkway between Pavilon proper and the new annex.

The new shop appeared bigger but for some reason I felt that it was less visible.

As long as they were still open, I wouldn’t be complaining ...

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Starting Early

KL was rather quiet on the First of Ramadan. It was a Saturday and the start of a couple of weeks long school holidays, giving the opportunity for most of the city dwellers to head for their kampung to celebrate the beginning of the fasting month.

After sorting out my ward round, Anita asked if I could take her to Pavilion since she had to make some alterations to her clothes there. The drive there was straight forward, but the shopping mall was relatively packed. The decorations were starting to be erected and I was sure the place would look a lot different come next week.

Ketupat outside Pavilion entranceSalam AidilfitriMaybe the car was there for "kereta Raya" promotion

I took some time walking around there with my camera just observing around. Quite a spectacle.

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