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Lost Again

It was getting excruciating every weekend now. Even though we were playing a relegation struggler in Sunderland, I got a feeling that United would come undone. And I was proven right again.

What was devastating was the manner of the loss. We were hardly in the tie. We conceded first but managed to equalise. Came the second half, the complexion of the game changed when Big Sam Allerdyce somehow managed to suss out our tactics.

Sunderland played with a higher line and United just couldn't keep hold of the pace. We were behind again, deservedly so in the final 10 minutes. Added to that, we lost Darwin through dislocated shoulder.

It looked like the rumour mill would be churning double quick with the latest loss. A lot would be written about the arrival of Mourinho and at the rate we were going, that might just be a relief.

Certainly not looking forward to the next game ....

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The Season has Begun

Early season optimism smelt like a freshly cut grass. It never failed to provoke the sense of familiarity and new beginnings. Well, the familiar feeling returned last weekend. With a host of new signings, everybody was looking forward to the new season with glee.

United got off to a mixed start. We got all three points without even scoring a goal - a Kyle Walker own goal took care of that. At least we far better than Arsenal - who lost to West Ham - and Chelsea - who managed a draw.

Unfortunately I had to miss United's first match since I had to attend an open house. Apparently from what I've read, I didn't miss much. So, looking forward for more matches - and hopefully more new signings in the coming weeks.

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Battered and Bruised

It was one of those games to forget. We started well. And then our weaknesses got exposed. We lack both personnel and characters at the back. The ones we have at the moment just couldn't cope. They might cope in the future, but losing both Vidic and Ferdinand in one foul swoop was a bit too much. We lacked leadership.

We could do with a superstar defender. But even we manage to convince someone to come in without Champions League football, we would need time to bed them in. And the next transfer window was a good four months away. We have tamale do with who we had.

It was easy to blame the referee. And yes, Clattenberg was pretty lame, but a world class team would need a world clad character. We lacked that in our defending last night. Rafael was fouled, but he should not touch the Leicester player who was looking for the penalty. It was inevitable.

The cross for Leicester's first goal was delivered after the ball had crossed the byline, but that should not be an excuse for us to switch off and let Ulluo have a free header. We should have played to the whistle. Everybody knows that. Yes, our old boy De Laet should have been sent off. Some time you get them decisions. Sometimes you don't. Move on. The decisions will balance themselves out during the course of the season.

What we need to do was defend better. Defenders need confidence, and that something we don't have plenty at the minute. Time to take stock and work together as a unit. No team would do a QPR on us and let us win every week.

Bring on the next game. Let's start playing.

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Getting Their Act Together

Finally United looked like they were playing as a team, and it was no coincidence that we reverted back to a more traditional 4-4-2, albeit with a narrower midfield anchored by the excellent Daley Blind allowing for the more creative member of the quartet some room to manoeuvre and the tireless full backs to provide the width.

It was certainly helped by the lack of ambition shown by QPR in the other end. Truth be told, Blackett and Evans did not look convincing at all.

Di Maria had a good outing, providing a goal and a couple of assists - although the mistimed shot which fell nicely into the path of Mata should be just that. Falcao did make a much anticipated appearance, and he did well to adapt to the pace. In fact, I was surprised at how quick he was, although I expected him to show a bit more composure when the goalkeeper spilled Blind's shot onto his direction. He connected well, but could have easily chipped the keeper. A nice introduction.

But the man of the match for me was definitely Daley Blind. His debut for United last night but it looked as if he played there all his life. A great piece of business for under £15M. He made himself available all the time creating angles for passes, as well being busy sitting in front of the back four creating a shield. He should develop into an even better force once he settled in for sure.

A great weekend, with Liverpool losing and Man Citeh sharing the spoils at the Emirates. It would still take a lot more to catch up on Chelsea, with Diego Costa getting off on a flyer!

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The Final Games 

At the hotel, we had only a single sports channel available in the room, Fox Sports. And for the final Premiership game of the season, it showed the Liverpool-Newcastle game live. I was sure they would cross live to the Man Citeh-West Ham match should there be any important development.

United was away at Southampton, showed on another channel which we couldn't get. It wasn't a particularly important match, but it would be the last in a series of four matches with Gigssy at the helm.

We still have a chance at clinching sixth, which would still meant no Champions League football for next season.

At the rate I was going, I would possibly fall asleep soon, through combination of overeating during dinner and the long journey earlier. No goals yet so far ...

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