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Riuh Rendah

APW was only a kilometer away from where we stay. To be honest we could just walk there. Once a month they had this big flea market there called Riuh as well as the usual café offering. We missed the last two for one reason or the other.

We managed to get there this time around to explore what the fuss was about. And the theme for this one was Deepavali, while there were Halloween program for the children.

We started off looking for a drink.... and we found this ribena lychee lemonadeAnita got her drinks from this cool airstream ...Parking was a problem there. We decided to park at Lorong Kurau and took a 10 minute walk to the venue. It was a bright sinning Subang the event was in full swing when we got there just after 5 pm. First order of business was to get drinks and the lychee lemonade just did the trick. Anita had some pasembor from the store and we had that with some ice latte from a hip looking airstream. Nice!

Once we were filled up, we went to explore the pop-up stores and flea market. There was also some workshop with children activities at one of the landings. They had a Halloween costume competition there as well as some kid's fun activities, face painting etc.

A spot to eat and drink ...More lemonade ...Nachos? But the guy never convinced me of being Mexican at all ...Heading upstairs for the children worksop ...The pop-up stores sole crafts and clothes. The one which caught my eyes were a watch shop and a stall selling bathroom products a la "Lush". I bought a few to try. Anita had a look at some of the clothes and shoes Burnett didn't buy anything in the end. There were about to start with live music when we left. We wished that there were more variety of food there. As it was, we decoded t head over to Bangsar Village for dinner.

Off to the pop-up stores ....Purses ...Surprisingly, Anita didn't buy one of those ...Nice. But doesn't look comfortable though ....Topped things off with an Indian dance ...Riuh was an event worth having a look at especially when the weather was nice and you got a couple of hours to spare. I wouldn't mind just sitting down to have a drink. I wished that there were more spaces to sit around and more variety of food to try.

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