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New Look Pertama Complex

The main entrance to Pertama Complex had been under constant renovations for the last couple of years. That made access to the shopping mall rather inconvenient, putting off people planning to go in.

Yesterday, on my way to Kandaqstan launch, it seemed that the renovations were completed. I felt compelled to enter the building and have a look.

The central foyer by the main entrance appeared brighter and more openThe back lane remains the sameThe main change I saw was to main lobby. The facade was ageing before, not been given a new coat of paint. I also though that the lighting had been changed, the whole area looked more cheerful. Deep down, it remained the same old Pertama Complex. The old leather shops were still there on the upper floors.

I also made my way to once-mighty Foto Selangor. It had definitely seen its best day. Half of the shop now stored electronic goods rather than camera. Sad really. I supposed that was what the digital photography revolution did to the old brick and mortar photo shops. And they were only mainly selling consumer-grade cameras there now ... Had to look elsewhere if you want those fancy lenses.

There were more activities at the back rather than the frontThe once-mighty Foto Selangor looked to have downsized big time ...I remembered that there were I plenty of food stalls back in the days. They seemed to be missing now. Maybe the renovations had phased them out. I guess, in years to come, old malls such as this and Campbell would start to diminish a la Ampang Park, Sungai Wang Plaza and Yow Chuan. Unless these places managed to reinvent themselves to sell niche items to cater for a specific demographic of consumers. Leather goods maybe?

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