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Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

I just returned from taking Puan Anita out to Jalan Taunku Abdul Rahman. She wanted to get some tudung and 'telekung' for Terawikh, so we thought we give the place a visit with the day was still early.

The last time I went here was last year, but that was just to drop by at the bookstore. This time around, we actually ventured into the stalls and market. We parked at Semua House, the spiraling carpark up to the top. The place has hardly changed in the last 10 years or so. Still the small colourful shops and vendors selling their wares on the corridors. But the parking fare has certainly kept pace. It was RM4 per hour.

It was just past 2 pm when we arrived, so the traffic was only just building up. The stalls were also just being opened, and they would stay open till midnight. Anita basically got what she wanted at the first shop we entered, and within 20 minutes, we were all set to return home.

The place definitely brought back memories as when I was in school, I tended to come here with my Mum, to shop and buy books at the famous Pustaka Minerva. I also remembered that Semua House had the biggest Habib Jewel Shop before they were famous and had branches everywhere. There was Globe Slik Store of course, and a number of carpet shops - I thought Udani Carpets was one of them - which my parents frequented to. There was also the famous KFC and A&W outlet sitting next to each other - as they still did today. Doubling back, you'd venture into Wisma Yakin and Masjid India. Now, that would be a different entry all together!

There were bargains everywhereThe famous Pustaka MinervaCheck out the KFC and A&W next to each otherMore bargains

Even at this hour, the Police had been keeping an eye on the traffic, making sure that everything ran smoothy. I cringe at the thought of how it would be like just before Aidilfitri.

Getting out of the place was easy with the one-way system being employed. We were back in Gombak within 20 minutes. Should I come here again, I would probably park at CapSquare, located just 5 minutes away. Traffic flow going in and out there would be a lot smoother, not to mention plenty of parking slot - and a trip to the movies there should you wish to. More of the photos I took from the walk here.

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