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Idlan is Eight

It was Idlan's birthday on my on call day, but we. Have yet to celebrate properly. Today would be his class party, and he woke up this morning all excited about the day. The theme would be LEGO, and we got all the tit bits, and party packs ready. The cake was nice too, courtesy of our favorite came magician, none other than Mama Min.

Trainee photographer Irfan

After sorting out things and getting ready to ship the stuff to class this morning, we realised that the MPV was playing up. I thing the remote battery was drained. E were not able to open the door or stat the engine. Mini disaster. That would need fixing later, but for me, I had to start getting to work. I wished I could just get a couple of hours off, but being post-call, it was just impossible.


Tomorrow would be a dinner for both Idlan and his grandmother. Her birthday is around the corner as well. That would be followed with school concert on Sunday morning, and possibly dinner with my parents. Or that any be postponed to next week at the rate we were going.

Cake courtesy of Mama Min. It was filled with Oreo!!!And the goodie bag, of courseThe boys also has Monday off after the concert. So, we would be staying at our apartment during the weekend. Things tended to be less hectic round there ..... Pics from the party would be following suit.

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