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I had another extra few hours to burn yesterday morning while hanging around at the company’s office while an assessment was going on.

Compared to last few years, the place seemed deserted. It was a building complex with a difference, the kind which would have attracted internet start-ups to make them into offices. Nice green open space, seems right the right environment. But maybe the combination of economic slowdown and the wrong locale made sure that the place did not take off as it should.

Having a look aroundThat's my floorNice long tall corridors ...Personally, if I were to run a start-up, I may have a hub there since it was secluded enough but at the same time accessible through the road. Public transport maybe an issue but you could always use Uber.

Many of the old tenant had left. I remembered that there used to be a chic home appliances outlet on the ground floor where I used to ogle at the Smeg fridges - which I knew I could not afford. Most of the units on the ground floor were empty. Occupancy I would put at around 30% overall. Which was a shame ... And we were down to just a single cafe - the Three Little Birds Cafe. The mocha there could be better but the sandwiches were still OK.

The cafe was still openThe car park downstairs ... smaller than it shouldMaybe the place would turn around once the other offices around the area were also opened and the economy get better.

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