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Idlan was Back

5 days and 4 nights was certainly a long time to endure. That’s how long Idlan was away and Anita was taking it hard. Of course she was glad to have him back. Idlan was away with his school mates at the island of Bintan during the time, having a great time ....

His journey home started at 6 this morning with a quick breakfast before boarding a ferry into Singapore. Then came the coach ride up to KL. They were a couple of hours behind schedule but the school was great at updating us with the timing. We learned that they were going to be late the moment they entered Johor through text messages.

We had also been learning about his activities through the school twitter feed.

What was he up to? He had been buzzing since he arrived - after which we brought him straight to dinner. He tried all sorts. He started off with canoeing, building rafts, jumping off boats, doing the flying fox, climbing coconut trees and bungee jumping. Then came the trek up the hills before more water activities. There were also come community work where they build a water filtration system for the local village. Then came the cooking - disappointingly Idlan made pizza.

Mummy is happy now ...Being able to speak Malay helped as Idlan became the interpreter when they were doing the filtration system. He also said that the food was better than expected. They stayed in a dorm with around 20 in a unit, spending the time with his friends. He enjoyed the sunset and the great weather at the island - so much so that he is now tanned. The final evening was spent around a campfire having some marshmallows.

We were glad that we allowed him to go although at the beginning we were rather apprehensive. He was definitely having a whale of a time. Now, he was off for a couple of months of summer holidays. We have yet to plan what to do next, but first he could do with a nice long shower ....

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