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The AirPods

I have been eyeing the Airpods for quite some time. Every time I was driving, with the iPhone 7 not carrying a separate headphone jack, I was not able to charge my phone. ANd I do decide to do so, I was not able to hear my podcasts.

I tried using third party wireless earpiece but none of them came near this units both in terms of audio quality as well as convenience. Apple again got it just right.

It looked flimsy at the beginning but the earpieces were surprisingly snug and comfortable. There were no risk of them falling off my ears despite my movement and the sound were surprisingly good. Good enough to appreciate some bass lines and the spoken words came out loud and clear. The unit also excelled while making phone calls.

Charging was easy as putting the units in the cases both switches the units off automatically as well as topping up the charges. Once a week charging should suffice despite my daily use. All in one small, pocketable package. It needed to be seen to be appreciated ....

Their availability in Malaysia were still sketchy as apparently Apple had been having problem producing them in bulk amount. I managed to get a unit at Pavilion when I was walking around there last weekend ... and they were not exactly cheap. Another drawback was they only worked with Apple products - although not necessarily just the iPhone.

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