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Cleaning Up

Finally, it looked like the discharge day was upon us. Dad is doing very well since the transfer out from Intensive Care and had been talking about discharge all afternoon.

The Doctors were happy enough to allow home but he would still need plenty of rest and he had to take antibiotics for another few days to make sure that the infection did not return.

He will be at the apartment for the next few weeks while he recovers and the maids had been busy cleaning our place in anticipation of Dad coming home. He looked pretty alert and strong the last time I checked. I was sure he would be fine once he settled in.

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Great Start

My father-in-law has been recovering well since the transfer to SJMC on Monday. A CT scan showed full recovery from his head injury and the next few days would be spent sorting out his blood pressure and doing some rehabilitation.

He would still be needing help standing up and getting to the toilet. We planned for him to stay over at our place for the next fortnight while he recovers further. That would help stop Anita from worrying about her father. She had been staying at the hospital every night since the transfer with her Mum staying at our apartment.

My father-in-law is doing well and hopefully he would be discharged in the next couple of days.

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Anita's New Light

Anita had been busy doing the balcony and in the last few days had bought some plants from Sungai Buloh filling the main balcony.

Next up would be the bedroom balcony which was a lot smaller. And I though the lights that she bought was a nice touch. Feeding on solar energy, charging its battery during the day, the lights were portable and we could just place then anywhere.

It looks like she would be looking for more of the lights tomorrow ...

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A New Kind of Mesh

I have a 500 MBit internet at my apartment but the modem and wifi transmitter that came with it was rather weak. The signals into my bedroom were at time and the repeater I had on one of the corridors did not transmit well, and the speed was much slower than I hoped.

Ready for the unboxing!Banking on the performance ...All neatly laid out ...I had been reading about making myself a mesh network at home but most of the setup were tricky. Then I came across the Orbi system. It came in two units - the main transmitter and the satellite which I placed in my bedroom.

It was not perfect but I was able to get consistent speed in access of 200 MBit in my room which was great. There were also less interference when I got my TV, PS4, hifi and the rest connected to the network. Setting up was also straight forward enough mostly through a web browser. Since I started using it, it had yet to crash.

Sorting out the placementThe main unit would be at the old office... and the satellite unit was in my bedroomUnfortunately the system was not exactly cheap. In the end, for the speed I was managing to get it was certainly worth it ...

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Windy Start

It had been cold in the house all night despite the air conditioning being on the low setting. It turned out that the weather was gloomy outside. When I walked out onto my balcony I thought that a huge storm was coming.

The problem with early morning deluge in town was the traffic. You could tell that the traffic was going to be bad from looking out your window. True enough, traffic was crawling .... Good Morning KL!

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