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Afternoon in Putrajaya

Putrajaya is an architectural gem. Full of great buildings, great lakes. But often when you reached there, you couldn't figure out what to do.

Umai Cafe by the riverA gorgeous Sunday afternoon sunThe cafe was crowded ...The other weekend, Anita and I decided to have a quick drive there to enjoy a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. It was only half an hour away from our apartment. Along the eay, Anita was tasked at finding out which soot we should land at. We wanted to have a quick drink.

Back out into the sunThat famous balloon ...Too many skies ...The top pick was Umai Cafe, right next to a lake, in between Masjid Besi and Monumen Alaf Baru. I was pretty sure I flew my drone somewhere near there before.

Nice café serving local food. We stayed in the aircond since the weather was really hot outside. It was crowded for a Sunday afternoon, maybe because there were hardly any other choices. Before long, Anita was walking around trying the GoPro.

The administrative centre ...

The majestic Mosque We then drove towards Medan Putra before heading home. Nearby, we saw a new McDonald's. So, we might bring the boys the next time we venture there.

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Sunny Side Up

The trend in KL lately were to have pop-up stores and food truck as a way of social gathering. It was great on occasions but I noticed lately that these spots were either too crowded or too expensive.

The stalls and food at such events as Riuh could be too much of a put off to be honest. I ended up having drinks in established cafe instead when I went out as you couldn't guarantee that such stalls would offer good food at such price.

Look closely or you might miss it ...Quite cosy insideAnd the same went for the items at the pop-up stores as well. Yes, you would like to support young independent entrepreneurs but often they were charging unreasonable prices.

Slate at The Row - located at Jalan Doraisamy - in the middle of town host monthly jumble sale-like event, called Sunny Side Up, where there were pop-up aplenty. There were stalls selling paintings and leather goods. Coupled with pleasant environment, great weather and some nice restaurants around the area, it certainly was a place to be on a Sunday afternoon.

Getting there was straight forward even if you were driving since there were plenty of spots along the road. Traffic were rather light as well. I had a look at some hand-printed batik shirt as well as some paintings. But I felt that the price could have been cheaper. Everything were going at a premium.

I didn't drive this time ...As a result, I didn't hang around for too long. I would love to get an item or two of the prices were reasonable. Do, maybe next time ...

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Return to Riuh

It looks like the APW at Jalan Riong had taken off as a site to chill at during weekends. And one weekend a month, a party was added to the place where pop up stories were opened as well as shows and exhibits to complement the already swanky cafés they had there.

This monthly event was called Riuh and aptly describe the party atmosphere it generates. Since it was near my place, plus it was a post-call afternoon, I decided to hang there for an hour having coffee and checking out what was going on.

The battle planUnfortunately, I was late and most of the food were gone by then ...Decided to give this one a miss this tripA few stalls caught my eyes as well as some nice food. I decided for a simple coffee this time around and just let the minute pass by. Plenty of folks were there, young families as well as the hipsters. Everybody seemed to be mingling there happily.

Back indoors where the stalls were locatedSome really great work here on displayArea for children to have funEven Doof were aroundI wasn't really in the mood to shopWhile I was there, a group of young capoeira practitioners came to do an exhibition. Quite exhilarating actually. With the weather being nice, I actually quite enjoyed the spectacle. Shame that the parking arrangement remained a pain. I decided to park half a kilometer away to avoid the congestion. Something the organizer needed to look into.

Wanna try durian in public?Saving the dates for the next instalment Back to stall area where I sat to have some coffeeSpace for kids to run aroundTaking a breather with some ice mochaI would definitely be stopping by in the future events there. Even maybe woukd.make a point to just stop there on Sunday afternoons. The coffee was certainly nice enough.

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Post Call Sunday

The call last weekend was a strange one. It was busy during the day but in the evening, things just chilled out. I was able to watch United's game at the lounge and had a decent uninterupted sleep.

The post- call day being Sunday also helped a lot. That allowed me to take my time doing the rounds and get on with my day. I happened to wake up early, and despite having to hop over to Ara Damansara to see a referral, I was done well before noon.

I took a quick nap during lunch time and soon got bored. The weather was pretty decent - it had been gloomy and cool in the past week - and decided not to stay in.

I first drove to APW where Riuh was going on. Had some coffee there before setting off to Bukit Bintang with my camera. Before I knew it, I was exploring the decorations and making enquiries on GoPro. All in a real nice pace. I even had the chance to have a look at iMac Pro at one the shops.

Anita prepared dinner that evening and asked me to get home early to eat. Kind road traffic allowed me to return in plenty of time. It certainly was a full afternoon ...

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Dull Outing

Since I had a few hours to spear - while taking Anita out at the mall - I decided to have a walk around Bukit Bintang to see how cool the weather would be.

It was cold alright. And it was also rather dull. The light quality wasn't great and the outdoor photos just didn't have that usual pop when it came to colours.

Looking down the Bukit Bintang Entrance to PavilionThe main foyer was still being prepared ...More flowers outside ...The entrance was full of people ...

While walking, I realised that Sungai Plaza had been complete torn down. And it was not really to make way for the new MRT line. The project there was to supplement the new transport network and from what I heard, there would be a new luxury apartment cum hotel taking over the space.

A cutie ...Street performerCan't seem to catch a decent light ...Time to scuttle back ...The place was still flat with no sign of piling being done yet. Looked like the place would be a construction for a few more years ...

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