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Labour Day

After staying low for almost a month, I decided to take my camera out and have a quick meal outside. It was a public holiday and after my ward round I decided to venture out.

I fancied some Arab food. Some kebab. But unfortunately the place were not run by anyone from the Middle East anymore. In fact not a single one of the staff there were Arab. All of them were Bangladeshi. But I assumed that being a Labour Day, the usual workers got their day off!

Any how, the meal was a disaster. Some slices of kebab meat in a pitta bread rolled with some potato fries in them! This lot was really creative!

Leaving the shop unimpressed, I walked around Bukit Bintang quietly, and soon after to started to rain .... Enough for the short outing! Time to get some shelters ...

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Decided on Me Time

Enough was enough and I decided to devote my Sunday .... to me. Good thing that Anita was out with her friends, I went into town, had some biryani lunch at Masjid India. Took my camera out and walk around town.

Catching my ride from my parking spot, KL SentralFirst stop would be to get some biryaniThe biryani here at Restoran Shahira is not bad at all. A hidden gem!Managed to catch an exhibit or two, before sitting down for a long lunch. For the last 6 straight Sundays I had been at the hospital and it was high time that I stayed away for once. I also had a few days leave lined up from next weekend, so I decided to switch off.

Seeing what's cooking in the bazaar ...Plenty of people coming and going ....Before I walk across to Medan Pasar ....The weather was nice for a walkabout, and I used the time to get myself acquainted with my new camera bag. Yesterday I put a couple of camera bodies in them and it felt a tad too heavy. It had better balance with just one, plus an iPad and some dongles. That was better. And I didn't have to worry about my wallet as well. Everything was in the bag. I only wished that the sides were a bit more sturdy and it tended to lose its shape if I didn't put the content the right way.

Off to Suria for some coffeeThat escalated to some bite ....And a bit of blogging ....So, I planned to enjoy another couple of hours to myself and hopefully there won't be anybody ringing. Happy Sunday!

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Family Outing

It was a full day today. Anita wasn’t very pleased when she learned that I had to make a quick trip to the ward despite being on leave. She decided however to. Follow me for breakfast. This was followed by a quick trip to Sunway Pyramid, where she managed to get some shopping done.

We then went back to fetch the boys for lunch, and we went to Burger and Sushi before learning that Nana was having a cough and needed nebulisers. Enough excuse to head over to Kajang.

We started with a sushi lunchWhile I murdered some steakThe boys helping with some groceriesThat went on until dinner when my parents joined us as well. We had some really nice Thai food in Kajang town. Nana was better and would be travelling back to Kedah tomorrow back to her hostel. It was close to midnight when we finally settled back home. At least I could look forward to the prospect of not having to do the Weekly Sunday Morning Ward Round (tm)!


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New Year Lunch

The New Year started with a great win for United last night. Although it was only Middlesborough, the manner in which we came from behind to clinch the match in the final 5 minutes was reminiscent of the Ferguson era. And it was fitting as the great Sir was in the stands celebrating his 75th birthday.

The ward round came next after which I drove straight into town to sort my monthly credit card payment. I was surprised to see the new addition to Pavilion had already been opened. Now, you could walk straight from the new extension called "Connection" via an underground tunnel to Fahrenheit across the road. Great plan. If only another extension could be made straight to the new MRT line. That would really take the cake!

Waiting for my orderQuite and calmOn my way back to my car, I stopped for lunch at one of the Arab cafe there, watching people passing by in the great weather. Not a bad spot. Before I leave, I took the chance to explore the new extension, which I would blog about soon. Suffice to say, I did more exploration than I planned. Since I had already booked a trip for the haircut with the boys later, I couldn't hang around for too long.

I was lucky that I came to Pavilion early as the carpark was really packed at the time I was leaving with a long queue forming outside. I guessed everybody was up for some shopping ....

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Lunch at Katie's Stove

My Dad wanted to have a steak but unfortunately when we got to the door of Victoria Station this afternoon, the place did not have electricity and was not able to take in customers. We ended looking elsewhere when Anita came to the idea of going to another restaurant just a block away - and with electricity.

She planned to have her school reunion later in the week there and we decided to go and visit.

The entranceYou can also sit at patioDream. Believe. Smile.Today's specialThe place was called Katie's Stove, but despite the name, they mainly do local Malay and Johore dishes. Good decision as it turned out in the end as it soon started raining.

The place was an old converted colonial house which was recently renovated. Rather bare and basic to be honest but it served its purpose. The menu was also pretty basic. There was a set of menu for the day - which both my parents went for - which basically was rice, fish and vegetables with drinks. I had nasi goreng kampung and Anita had laksa johor.

Cosy chairsThe inner sectionCooling drink

In the end, the meal was alright. The price was quite reasonable as well and the venue I must saw was not the most strategic.

Definitely worth another go, as Anita said the laksa johor was rather good. Fast service and maybe suitable for those quick lunch getaways.

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