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A Long Sunday

I woke up this morning in glorious sunshine having a nice sleep. No phone calls until 7 am, when I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, pray, check on the boys and slept again in front of the TV while checking on the news.

Learned that Liverpool got beat again. Always a good start to a Sunday!

When I finally left the room, it was just after 9. Had some food before starting the Weekly Sunday Morning Ward Round (tm). And it was a long one, adding to that a few new referrals and admission. It was close to 3 pm when I finally left the hospital.

Decided to take Anita out for a late lunch, and off we went to Pavilion for my favourite Arab food. This was followed by a trip to the flower shop which Anita had been talking about. She wanted some indoor orchids for the apartment now that the renovations were almost done. I didn’t realise that there was a warehouse close to our place which sold flowers in bulks. And they were really fresh, usually bought by flower shops from around town for profit. As you can imagine, things there were pretty cheap and the post-CNY business was slow at the moment.

Anita bought a few flowers but planned for more in the coming days once she knew where to put them.

Nothing beats a nice afternoon dipThe weather wasn't really clever, but it was breezy!Nice sunset when we left the oolChecking on the homework ...As soon as I reached home, Idlan asked if he could go to the pool. Without hesitation, it was time to get wet! We were in the pool until almost sundown .... A full day indeed. And now United would be playing at midnight and SuperBowl would be tomorrow morning. Though I have a full day planned, I might catch a glimmer or two of the match at work. Time to tuck the boys in bed .... After doing their homework of course.

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