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A New Addition

Our track record when it came to pets had never been a good one. I was not sure what got to Anita when she bought a couple of goldfish in a tank and parked it in our room. Maybe it would be trial run for a wall aquarium which I had been talking about for the last few months.

Idlan and Irfan had been taking turns feeding them. We had yet to need to change the water so far. I wonder who would be doing that. While we were away, our maid was given strict instructions about the feeding, as if she didn't know. She would probably taken better care of the fishes than us .....

Let's see hong the fishes would last this time around ...

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Allan's Water

*This entry was originally written in September 2016*

This place was closed for renovations when we were here last December and it had am certainly received an uplift. There were new facilities built and the place looked spruced up compared to the last time we were there in 2012. It was basically a reservoir on top nod the hill which stored fresh water for the town. It was big enough for water activities and located about 10 minutes up hill from the town center.

We spend about 30 minutes hanging around there, feeding the fish and enjoying the fresh mountain air.

There were kayaks and pedal board for those interested as well as bumper balls as well. But Anita didn't approve of those...

Next to the lake was a small potting farm, which sold vegetables and flowers. Spend another few minutes there, taking photos of the nice flowers on display. The strawberries were off season when we visit and in was sure that would be a future attraction.

Nice time to spend the late afternoon before heading into town for early dinner. There was also a small tuck shop there for drinks and snack.

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Pulau Dangli

After much convincing, the boys agreed to join us for a boat tour. The original plan was for 3 and a half hours. But the combination of the hot weather and Irfan entering diva node, we cut that short to a couple and a bit.

It was a compressed journey in 3 parts.

Waiting for our ride ....Making sure we got one of those For good luckWe actually got the hotel to organise the ride for us. In a boat with just the four setting off at around 3 pm. It was hot but while speeding in the boat, the wind was breathtaking and one did not feel the heat at all.

The first part was feeding fish off Pulau Dangli, about 20 minutes away from the hotel on the boat. Irfan was still warming to the idea then but as soon as he started feeding the fish, he was super excited. We had to make sure that he didn't fell off the boat when feeding the fishes.

Speeding thereAn earlier group was already thereTesting the waterGetting the hang of it ....We were armed with some bread provided by the guide. The water was still and as soon as we arrived, there were plenty of fish around our boat. They were going all out for our bread and the school we saw easily contained around 200-300 fishes.

Time to goSuch serene sight ....We could wait for too long as there were more boats coming - plus we ran out of bread. I thought Irfan especially used too much bread trying to entice the fishes. Idlan was more sensible, but ending up using less quota!

Off to the second part, the fish farm!

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A New Recipe

So, what's for dinner? Nothing special as we were still recovering from the Singapore trip and the boys were still grumpy from their first day back to school after a long break.

Irfan was happy to have his presents but we decided to have cake this weekend instead. Unfortunately, I'll be on call on Sunday.

Out of the blue, Anita decided to try a new recipe. It was fish cooked in the oven and some spinach. It turned out great, although the gravy was a bit lumpy. Can't complain really.

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Morning Market

Proper belacan this ......This was not your usual morning market. This one was in Kuala Kangsar, on a Saturday morning. Why do I feel like blogging about it? It was because the food were cheep and delicious. It was not very big, in fact we only got the food from a few stores.


We had nasi lemak, putu, apam balik and roti john. There were also fresh meat and fish on offer but since we would be staying until tomorrow, we probably drop by again tomorrow to bring some food back home. We probably spent RM50 one of the food store and in Kuala Kangsar, RM50 was a lot of money.

It ended with teh tarikOn the way out, we passed by a small stall selling pet fish - ikan semilang. We got a couple for the boys. Irfan’s was a blue - he christened it ‘Blue Peter’ and Idlan’s was light lavender colour which he called ‘Fat Bob’. Let see how long they can stay alive this time. Judging from the experience from their previous pets, not very long!

The new pet - Fat BobIrfan feeding his 'Blue Peter'

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