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The Preparations

When Anita got her mind set for something, she would obsessively pursue it. And the family open house the other was no exception. She was planning it for some time and got all the logistics organised well ahead.

For her part, she cooked her famous soto. She ordered a few items from her Instagram contacts as well as getting one of her friends to bake the cake for us.

Her Mum helped with the decorating and she got one of our maid's friend to stay over as well.

Certainly all her effort came into fruition as things started to fall into place. Luckily since our apartment was recently renovated and one of the leaked bathroom had been fixed. A few days before, she went to Sungai Buloh with her friend to get some fresh flower pots for the balcony. Therefore decorations was rather straight-forward.

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In Their Elements 

As mentioned, Anita and the boys spent the time at the apartment to accompany me as I was on call today. The boys were still on their Easter Term Break and would only be back to school from next Tuesday.

They spent the whole morning in bed after playing with their console until late night, then started again this afternoon stopping for meals and shower! Since the consoles were in Irfan's room, he had everything on hand. Anita just practically left them in their elements.

It would be a nightmare getting them to return to Gombak tomorrow ....

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Homework Sunday

I was done with my morning rounds and seen the first couple of admissions for the day. Now it was time to chill at the apartment with the boys for lunch, while waiting for more admissions.

Idlan especially got plenty of homework still. I was pretty sure that when I was in school, we never had this much homework to do.

Sometimes I thought it was too much. Unfortunately nowadays homeworks were expected. And there seemed to be getting more, not less.

It was warm and breezy outside, and at the dining area with the windows open, it was certainly very nice. Anita and the boys were staying in since there were workers coming in to fix the bathroom all day today.

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Leaks. And more leaks. 

Since moving in into the new apartment, I had been riddled with leaks at the bathroom. In the last six months, there had been seven reports and the last one was literally water pouring from the roof of my main bathroom.

I straight away fired an email to the management and got the supervisor to turn off the tap into the bathroom. I found the building manager as well as the engineer in my apartment the next morning trying to solve the issue.

I was pretty sure that the plumbing was rather suspect and was not able to handle the high water pressure since our apartment was on the third floor - the penthouse was on the 25th.

Work had started yesterday and would continue tomorrow. Hopefully the bathroom would be in working order by the beginning of next week. I decided to pay for the repairs rather than waiting the couple of weeks until the insurance people got their act together and survey the damage. Waste of time ...

It looked like we would be spending more time at the apartment while the repairs continue.

Frustrating stuff ...

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Doing the Dance

Guess what was going on at the apartment when I arrived home after clinic? There was a lion dance troupe by the pool. I only managed to catch the end bit. Didn't even have time to change and see what was going on. Just some snaps from my balcony.

The children there were really having fun. Unfortunately both Idlan and Irfan already got plans for the day and were in Gombak. I would also have to go out to find lunch.

And with the new E-M1, I have an excuse for another photowalk ...

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